Tony Connell gets Innovation & Lifetime Achievement award as national finals beckon

Tony Connell gets Innovation & Lifetime Achievement award as national finals beckon image

Well done Tony Connell, manager of Lincolnshire Health Support Service and probation case manager, who has been named as a finalist in this year’s Interserve annual awards after picking up the Innovation & Lifetime Achievement award for the region.

Tony has worked in probation services for more than 30 years. He took over the management of the Health Support Service in 2008 and since then has transformed the service enabling people on probation to get advice from qualified nurses, access to training courses and delivering a holistic service which truly supports users with all of their health and social needs.

Crucially the service also offers support to those people considered at risk of offending/re- offending.

The Health Support Service provides health assessments and programmes to offenders. The team consists of staff from the NHS, a local authority and Humberside, Lincolnshire & North Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Company (HLNY CRC), which enables it to draw upon a range of experiences and approaches in relation to the effective engagement of its client group.

Tony says: “We spend time looking at people holistically, so that we also consider their housing, health and their wider needs. We take a wide view of that person’s life and look at the reasons for non-engagement, for example they don’t have capacity to turn up at appointments on time or they’ve had previous bad experience of services.”

Tony adds: “This is not just an award for me. It is testament to the efforts of my team that we have been acknowledged. The successful outcomes we’ve achieved have been due to their immense hard work dedication and commitment to some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.”

On average the Health Support Service has 1,200 service users in Lincolnshire each year helping the most marginalised individuals in the area, who can display the most destructive behaviours towards themselves and those around them – not least potential victims of crime.

Martin Davies, chief executive of HLNY CRC, says: “Tony is always very enthusiastic and motivates and encourages all team members to do the best they can.

“He has given the Health Support Service the direction it needed to keep it delivering outstanding service, always focussing on improving outcomes for the clients. He is open and honest and empowers colleagues to become involved – allowing them to raise ideas and develop new ways of working.

Tony now goes through to the Interserve Group annual awards on November 11 in London. We’re sure that everyone would like to wish Tony the best of luck.