Tony supports service users as a peer mentor

Tony supports service users as a peer mentor image

Tony Trevor, who did unpaid work in Lincolnshire with HLNY, is now supporting service users as a peer mentor.

David Hardy, Community Payback placement supervisor, says: “Tony has been out with me many times now and continues to be extremely pro-active always engaging with our service users especially if we have new starter.

“He now has a good rapport with our service users who at first eyed him with suspicion many saying why would he volunteer to be a mentor but he has gained respect due to his extremely good work ethic and always setting a good example.”

Many service users now go to Tony for advice about many different subjects which Tony gladly gives. Tony works mainly at Algarkirk Church with David and has gained the respect of the locals who always stop and talk to him which encourages interaction with our service users.

Tony now attends the church to worship and also has been elected to the church committee and is now secretary of the parochial church council.

David adds: “On a personal note Tony is an invaluable help to me when on a worksite having an extra pair of ears and eyes is fantastic for me. Long term I think Tony would make an excellent supervisor if an opportunity arose.”